There is no either/or proposition when it comes to perpetual eWizard updates staying in line with the top digital pharma trends. As usual, we do our best to ensure your digital content creation processes are evolving to become more manageable and convenient.
We are excited to announce PDF to eDetailing converter, publishing to Veeva Vault with custom fields and other opportunities to assist your creative digital marketing team in delivering the right message in the right way. Please welcome a more elaborate list of our newest developments:

Our digital cherry on top is the Converter. The PDF to eDetailing Converter, to be more precise. And to be the most precise – the PDF or Indesign Files Converter. The point is – with this enhancement, one can now jump on the interactive bandwagon without having to generate their digital content from scratch. Just use the Convert From option from ADD NEW section in e-Detailers, and enjoy. Watch out though: PDF pages’ resolution must be identical with the aimed presentation slides’ resolution. Text part of PDF should be implemented as a separate layer to become editable in eWizard, otherwise the slides upon conversion will be presented as solid images.

Moving on: now you can also publish to Veeva Vault using custom fields. Those parameters are available in Admin Panel and require some additional effort and specific need to be set up and we are excited to present this alternative. Why? Well, the custom fields feature has been in high demand for quite a while, since one-size-fits-all has become a bad option for publishing procedures. Every company wants to have this process tailored and individualized according to their publishing habits, and our new eWizard version fully embraces and respects this need. Setting up custom fields will facilitate publishing to iRep and leave more room for creativity and efficiency for your teams in their publishing routine.

Particular attention should be given to the templates modifications we have added in this eWizard version.

Separate templates serviceWhen you start using established templates for your presentations, there comes a moment when they pile up. It is much more convenient to manage digital content when it’s organized. So, you’re welcome to try the Template categories section to simplify content management and sort out your templates referring to either eDetailing or Email.

Send a test option – a handy lifehack for your Email templates. Now you can check what, for instance, a conference invitation will look like in front of the recipient’s eyes – these little details make life easier. And your Email templates will thus look more as you’ve pictured them in your head.

We also peppered the new version with little conveniences, such as: new Upload From content dialog and showing full names in lists via tooltips.
Last but not least – speed and utility of our modified Buildbox. Our Buildbox is now so fast, we can blatantly insert any Usain Bolt reference for comparison here. Also, we put a strong emphasis on storage modifications, because now all your content surely won’t be lingering in storage forevermore, slowing down the processes.

To sample all the novelties of eWizard and discover how to implement those digital boosts into your marketing strategy, push on that contact us button and communicate your requests to us right away.