Here we go again: eWizard 1.5.0 is up and running, ready to realize your most imaginative and audacious digital marketing ideas! As usual, we have prepared lots of digital pharma goodies on our integrated platform to maximize your content management efficiency and help you find a global denominator for miscellaneous digital content.

Our greatest improvement is all about Veeva Vault publishing enhancements – namely, the collateral ease of this whole process. It is not a lip-service when you come across our recurring repetition that we are Veeva certified above and beyond (4 Level), because we constantly align the improvements of our products to comply with this highly set standard. The following integration features on publishing process to Veeva Vault took place in updated eWizard:

You now have got more options for content update and synchronization. Automated checking enables you to see whether the presentation has been previously published in Veeva Vault. Now it is obvious whether this is the first publishing you’ve made or just another update of already existing content. This principle of distinction between dated and new content extends to the slide choice as well, because you might need to give a preference regarding slide updates. After all, not all slides need constant updates, so with this new option you are free to choose which slides to upgrade and which to leave to their previous version. The slide order can be rearranged during publishing process, too (great for last-minute rearrangements).

We are equally excited to present a Related Original Document feature which enables your content creation team to apply settings of the already published presentation to a new eDetailing. Every single relevant setting from the original presentation (which is defined in Related Original Document field) will be transferred and applied to the presentation of current publishing. Besides, the slides’ order now can be effortlessly changed.

What potential does this feature unlock for digital content management workflow? Well, previous eDetailing design, concept or other already approved structural document that has been published let’s say in PDF to Veeva Vault, is now called the original, the “parent” document. What you can do is connect your new eDetailing to the parent one within a few clicks, thus achieving quicker time-to-market, accessibilty, merge and easy search.

Particular attention should be given to the Resolution selection modifications we have added in this eWizard version. Resolution management of your eDetailings has just became much simpler. During the presentation creation process, you can select target device resolution right away. If the creation process has been completed already, you can select presentation resolution in view section, although that option works only for preview (otherwise, the change won’t be saved). Target device dimensions can be altered only in the presentation settings section. But you can customize the resolutions’ list via Administrative tools to better fit customer’s requirements – so now be ready to show your eDetailing at any time without thinking twice, be it on the iPad, doctor’s computer, or even a smartphone. For example, you can check out what your eDetailing will look lik in considerable dimensions of an iPad Pro format with a single-click ease.

The Shared resources option for export to Veeva CRM (iRep) is now available. It allows to store the elements that are used on more than one slide, as Shared resources. This is meant to optimize the size of your presentations and facilitate workflow of content updates. There’s no need to look through the array of same-looking slides, you can just use a unified shared one!

Email templates can be published to Salesforce and, after publishing, be used for sending links directly to a remote call session. What a marketing opportunity to invite your HCP audience to remote meetings and hands down speed up the integration of remote communication into your HCP engagement strategy. Also, it now takes no effort to update an already published email template.

Last, but not least – our exponentially expanded eWizard Help section improvement. Behind the humble question mark, a user-friendly menu is hiding, dedicated to all levels of your inquiries: guidelines, FAQ and, if nothing aforementioned fits – swift support. If any trouble using our platform arises, you know where to look – try either the User Guide (leads to eWizard documentation site), a Knowledge Base (eWizard forum) or we will gladly and competently take care of your trouble at the Service Desk (support site).

To sample all the novelties of eWizard and discover how to implement those digital boosts into your marketing strategy, push on that contact us button and communicate your questions, observations and suggestions to us right away.