eWizard Platform for Omnichannel Pharma Marketing: a Year in Review & 2020 Plans

We’ve made it – the long path through: 1. Cross-channel; 2. Multichannel; 3. Omnichannel – and this is precisely where the whole digital pharma world stays right at the moment, firmly and officially. Omnichannel experience creates a new vision of how to reach HCPs and patients. Pharma should finish thinking channels and start thinking customers, continuously extending the development of smart and effective technologies to build an omnichannel dialogue 

eWizard is the creation of Viseven Group, a Veeva Technology partner and a Full-service partner with 10+ years of experience in the global pharmaceutical market. For 6 years in a row, eWizard proved to be an effective digital solution for global life science companies that now has grown to be an omnichannel communication platform for pharma companies worldwide that supports the cross-channel integration and sets new standards for pharma content creation.  

eWizard 2019

 2019 has been another year of growth, success, and augmentation. As it comes to an end, we are looking in anticipation of what 2020 is going to bring.  

eWizard Omnichannel case studies 2019 

The awards that made the year: eWizard continues to amaze 

  •  September 6, 2019 

Viseven team has been awarded by Business Intelligence Group (within the Sales and Marketing Awards program) for innovative COPE approach and unique eWizard technology that stays behind it.  

eWizard technology made a revolution in terms of pushing the limits in pharma content creation by implementing a modular approach, which allows assembling diverse content from reusable modules. The Sammy award is the super chance to step into the next year of transformations and total change.  

  • December 13, 2019  

Bearing in mind our 10-year experience of providing digital solutions to more than 30 pharmaceutical giants, Viseven has named as one of the most innovative companies and selected as part of PM360’s 8th Annual Innovations Issue. 

Viseven 2019

A bunch of key integrations of 2019 

  • Integration with IQVIA OCE – Direct publish to OCE Sales and OCE Marketing  
  • Integration of eWizard Pulse with Creatio 
  • Integration with AEM  

That was another giant move towards creating the world of genuinely interconnected digital ecosystems for life sciences. The new integration of eWizard and Adobe Experience Manager was introduced in July 2019 (7643 companies are already using the solution). From now on, you can align your existing systems (like Veeva) with AEM using eWizard, as well as reuse, craft, or adjust websites that fit AEM along with tracking their performance in Salesforce or Veeva. eWizard is the only platform able to bridge Veeva Vault, Adobe Experience Manager, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.  

You can upgrade your content management efforts with the help of eWizard. Take your approved digital assets from Veeva Vault, put them into a channel-specific template, and publish to the target system. Such a process eliminates manual work automating everything that could be automated. 

eWizard 2019

The Modular approach to ensure content creation agility in 2020  

In 2019 Create once – publish everywhere approach (COPE) has been implemented. Thanks to eWizard, the revolutionary modular approach exists not just potentially – it is already living inside its functionality. The content exists in modules which could be used in each channel. These flexible blocks can be updated and approved in every channel simultaneously and inserted into a template. 

More content authoring opportunities in Veeva 

Greet the hero of the year which is the Channel-Agnostic Module (CAM) that can inhabit any content type, be it eDetailing, Email templates, or websites. If you are a user of eWizard, you can find the Global Master Template version of the content in Veeva Vault, then press Edit in eWizard to start the transcreation process. You can add CAM into your template, and it will adapt to the environmentAll related digital assets from Veeva Vault are pulled automatically.   

Here’s how channel-agnostic, modular content has the power to accelerate communication and speed up MLR approval, saving costs, and empowering customer user journeys. 

eWizard 2019

Publish of Multi-layered PDF to a target system 

 The possibility to publish multilayer PDF is important when it comes to Veeva integration. It allows using Veeva’s unique feature, which is ACL. Auto Claims linking, powered by AI, links promotional claims to the reference materials. Too often, this linking is done manually by most agencies. But it can turn out to be repetitive, time-consuming work. Auto Claims linking helps deliver the right content to the right people faster with a single cycle of approval.  

Chat Bot 

ChatBots and Live Chats are becoming essential in the digital space. Chatbot has been implemented through all eWizard pages to improve customer experience drastically, especially when it comes to simplifying customer onboarding. 

And now…. It’s high time for eWizard resolutions for 2020 

Something that will soon become a reality! 

Product Tour  

Let’s augment customer experiences by guiding eWizard users through a bunch of different features.  

Integration with Oracle Eloqua  

Integration with Oracle Eloqua will allow pharma marketers to launch automated marketing campaigns quickly while supporting the personalized omnichannel customer journey.  

Integration with Drupal  

eWizard won’t be limited in landing pages creation only. Thanks to upcoming integration with Drupal, the year 2020 will be all about further growth; the users can expect eWizard to be the platform for stunning website creation as well.  

Enhanced COPE Approach (Module EditorandPublisher)  

eWizard proved to be a revolutionary solution for omnichannel content creation and distribution by implementing the COPE approach. In 2020 it is going to be reinforced. Module Editor and Module Publisher are going to add the possibility to easily edit and publish your modules in a matter of a click. 

More Integrated Templates for Different Needs  

Professional and custom-built templates allow augmenting omnichannel customer journey. eWizard will offer even more diverse, creative templates to intensify your digital strategy. 

More Certified Agencies 

VisevenTeam is open for reliable, long-term partnerships. An even bigger pool of certified agencies will come into play in 2020.  

eWizard 2019

Here you can look at Viseven success journey at a glance. What has happened in 2019:


The new year is at the doorstep. Each year brings something new to eWizard functionality. Accessibility UI, more user data insights, search enhancement, Product Tour, and much more are just around the corner.  

Looking ahead to 2020 – the year of full omnichannel engagement. If you are a new user of eWizard, the highest chance to try is now. Ask for a free demo version here. Stay tuned with us in 2020!