Pharma Content Creation Stats 2018: multichannel pipeline review

2018 was a great year that brought improvements that long-time users of eWizard have surely noticed. Here goes a visual recap!

eWizard is a modern cloud-based platform for multichannel interactive content management. The platform allows to accelerate creation, readjustment, review and publishing of digital assets for a number of channels: face-to-face and remote eDeatailing, emails, microsites and more.

Scroll down to find out about new features, such as modular email blocks, Spanish interface, ordering custom slides development in several clicks and new integrations with CRM systems – and stats that reveal the inner state of multichannel pharma marketing.

Note: You can download a 5-page PDF version of this infographic.

Good news don’t end here, though! 2019 will bring us more innovations: flexible modules, ultimate performance boost, new channels supported. If you have never used eWizard before, now’s a great chance for you to try its functionality in a free demo version.