How do pharma marketers earn their daily bread (with cheese and bacon and all the goods)? They make valuable digital content, which joins pharma to its ever-expanding list of stakeholders. In order to create relevant content swiftly, any marketing team has to understandably rely on other teams: usually, a huge army of designers and medical advisors.

Unfortunately, oftentimes, while generating digital content, what is supposed to be a smooth collaboration process between teams turns into a circular firing squad à-la Tarantino. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, no one’s trying to purposefully undermine anyone’s work, but in the end, it is widely agreed that cooperation between medical, marketing and IT teams leaves much to be desired and must be improved.

So, we’ve analyzed the current situation with all those content-related processes in pharma marketing and compiled them into an infographic, which highlights the most common challenges and provides the easiest solutions at the same time. Check it below and be sure to send your questions to our team of experts.

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