A successful brand in pharma is a name HCPs can trust. This means something more than its retail/FMCG counterparts. On the one hand, as anywhere, if your product is accompanied with a recognizable design it will be noticed and remembered better by your target audience.
Yet there is also the question of responsibility and trust – which life sciences are expected to cultivate alongside creativity.
Let’s talk about how to use all the potential and creativity for higher engagement and pharma brand loyalty.

Show HCPs your brand is worth being trusted

What are the criteria which make doctors trust (or not trust) a brand? Research shows that 85% responders would rather prescribe products that are supported with scientific literature. 46% use published clinical trial results as a main source of information when a new drug has been launched. HCPs respect innovations but 85% of them prescribe a new drug only after the first publication of clinical trials.

eDetailing is not only about reps talking about clinical trials. It is a common complaint that the information given the HCPs is often general, non-specific. Moreover, they rarely have time to listen to the same things every time.

There are some approved tips which make your eDetailing more efficient.

1. Does your eDetailing tell a story?

Valuable information is the reason why HCPs even admit reps. Of course, they use other channels for innovations in between seeing patients, BUT…  Storytelling has always been there and its importance has recently grown in eDetailing. HCPs would rather discuss patient profiles that are illustrated and contain relevant information, as well as review clinical cases. Tell HCPs a story!

2. Know the key difference of your brand among others

The competition in the pharma business is extremely high. How does your brand distinguish itself from other brands? Memorable slogan? What about the specifics of your product? Why and where exactly is it better than others? Use all the arsenal of your marketing savviness to make your brand unforgettable.

HCPs never think about a product first. But they always think about how to treat their patients and save lives. They analyze all existing drugs and chose the best one. Make your brand the first one that comes to mind in a particular situation!

3. Make your content as shareable as possible

Why do we share memes? Because they are funny? Not always. People remember new information when it’s new, original, when it tells people something that we didn’t know before. If we are talking about HCPs –  for example, you are telling them facts about patients and they are surprised how obvious it was? What do they with that? Tell about this to colleagues over the lunch and they nod approvingly. Doctors share!

4. Interactivity doesn’t let HCPs fall asleep during rep visit

Are you familiar with ping-pong? Use this game principle in your presentation. The rep presents information and the doctor asks a question and that’s how a discussion starts (a.k.a don’t let them fall asleep during your presentation”). How? One good idea is more interactivity: ask for opinion, question. That’s how KPI are gathered.

5. Breathtaking visualization is now a must

In our extremely digital-used world it takes a few seconds to determine the value of a resource. If HCPs find it not attractive, they’ll abandon the page even before clicking on the product or service section. Nobody is going to judge a book by its cover but still – how your presentation looks matters.

6. Do your reps waste a lot of time because of presentation structure?

eDetailing typically covers complicated topics and there’s always a lot of information to say. That’s how presentation structure appears and its importance grows. All you need is to streamline the structure and make it convenient. Here are some ideas:

  • Hidden slides. They are used on demand when discussion affects moments which are not included in the main presentation flow.
  • Chapters of slides that help refine the topic and speak about important moments in details.
  • Interactive buttons perform navigation inside of presentation

An overly complicated structure is confusing for reps. Consequently, they don’t think about the content, but about how to find the content. Because of complicatedness reps waste time during a presentation and it affects the story flow. Why not use master templates with a preapproved structure?

7. Create device-friendly content instead of adapting it to each device

Technology never stops improving. Are you sure that today’s tablets will remain relevant in 2 years? Adapting content for technologies each time is time-consuming. It means that your eDetailing should potentially fit any device, be it Pad, smartphone, tablet or anything else.

8. Make sure that your content goes equally well for remote visits and face-to-face meetings

Suppose you have a really great presentation that HCP would absolutely like. But, oops, the doctor is busy as a bee and can’t, really can’t spare time for you. What should the rep do? Here is a magical phrase: “What if I send you an invitation on your email so we can discuss this topic at the most convenient time for you?”

HCP opens the link at the agreed time and the rep guides through the presentation remotely. If you are ready to use all the advantages of remote approach, make sure that your presentation can be reused to fit both face-to-face and remote visits.

9. Use quotes by key opinion leaders (KOL)

Colleagues’ opinion matters for HCPs. And the best way to prove that your information is valid is to engage and quote trusted medical specialists. Webinars and medical conferences are the best places where such professionals gather. During these events (especially if you are the organizer) you can interview medical experts and then use their quotes (with their consent) in eDetailing to make your content reliable. Who doesn’t want to be quoted?

10. Say “No!” to isolated content!

First of all, multichannel strategy provides trust. If HCPs get information not only from one source but from many approved channels they will be much more inclined to trust your brand. Here is a good idea: connect your content with what you’re saying via other channels. What if HCP’s time is limited (it IS always limited) but there is a lot of useful information left?

Follow-up emails, events, remote visits, apps, landing, site. And these are just several possible examples of many ways to connect your content. It would be much easier to use the same content in different templates for different channels. By the way, from the technical point of view, this is completely possible!

These are just the most important tips for further development of brand history. It depends on you what to start with. Find out how to make your eDetailing irresistible with the help of innovative tech that empowers to create content that converts.