Time to total the pluses of the passing year and make predictions about innovative trends in the spheres of pharma industry and digital marketing for the next. Now we can see a real picture of which predictions were fulfilled. What`s interesting: they are keeping to come true, advancing to the next level.

According to the forecast for 2015, the customers would become even closer to the digital world than before. 1to1media predicted that there would be more people accessing the web using mobile devices than wireless computers (Resource: Infographic, Digitizing the customer experience in 2015). That is unsurprising, as the number of people who own smartphones is increasing day by day and mobile innovations have become a new force for all businesses. A mobile is no longer just a device, but a ticket to another reality. Smart applications, wearable apps, gamification technology, cloud computing and many more innovative trends have made a boom in digital marketing in 2015. Mobile devices have become a strong marketing force: a very small thing, but enough powerful to change the marketing sphere, and the way of customers` interactions.

In the mobile world, mobile health apps don`t trail far behind. They are developed to improve the networking system of patient-physician interactions and to monitor the state of health. Despite the fact that they perform many other functions, all is heading toward the creation of a brand-new united healthcare ecosystem of future. It will be possible to get instant analytics and data on vital indices, such as heart rate, pressure, body temperature and other measurements, then to send data to the doctor and get feedback. While we are only dreaming about the so-called “always connected patient”, Salesforce.com has already made a great step forward and launched Health Cloud – a revolutionary product in the managing of patient relationships and delivering lasting care.

The recent mobile apps boom in digital marketing is not unreasonable. An instant access to the Internet, thousands of sources of information, websites and apps have made it possible to bring new free opportunities for digital marketing strategies, yet the customer is becoming much smarter and stands head and shoulders above.

Content, content and content again is the key to the customer’s heart, the clue to their loyalty, the door to quality engagement in 2016. Nobody will pay attention to oldschool incessant ads; everyone will appreciate a quality piece of information able to solve the customers` problems. Smart content contains smart ads. That`s why the popularity of the new trend known as “native ads” will continue to grow in 2016.


“Content is the new ad” (Resource: Digital marketing in 2016: Trends, tips and the new role of content)

But the big challenge…

Robert Rose, CMI Chief Strategy Officer:

“Create less content with more impact”. (Resource: Slideshare, 4 Content marketing challenges in 2016)

It is always interesting for the customer to listen to bright brand stories, watch captivating videos and read quality content.


“Video ads will start dominating.” (Resource: Forbes The top 7 online marketing trends that will dominate 2016)

Laura McLellan in her article “5 predictions for marketing in 2016” explained how marketers use of customer data will determine the level of success an important thing for progressive companies and unveil true analysis of business processes. We should expect sophisticated, new-level metrics, apps for gathering big data and analytics. Let`s listen to the experts…


Ellen Fields, VP of Product Marketing Tableau:

“Big data will present significant challenges with regard to securing sensitive information and protecting individual privacy, and the only answer will be open technologies, standardized interconnectivity and collaboration on a global scale.”


Bob Gourley, Co-founder Cognitio:

“By mid-2016 we expect to see corporations using enterprise data hub approaches to enhance agility and decision-making that leads to market dominating strategies. Across multiple sectors, we can expect a new corporate differentiator to be how the use of data leads to agility. By the end of 2016, there will be two types of companies: those using big data to dominate – and those being dominated.”


What to expect in 2016? What should we be waiting for? We cannot predict the future, but the role of “digital” is so huge that it has only one path – one of development. There is no turning left or right, only the straight path to fully embracing digital innovations.



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