Digital content factory

Digital Content Factory – the Way to Agile Content Management

Fueling up a full-blown content marketing strategy is quite a task at times. Digital content does not exactly grow on trees – it needs to be created by someone. Once you as a marketer decide it’s time to act big (personalize, integrate, bring actual value, you name it) – you will ask yourself where all that content should come from.

The Quest for Content is a thing now, and it’s especially violent in industries like pharma. Which can be understood – while retail is trying to solve the content production problem with user-generated picks and social media tactics, life sciences deal with complicated issues. Medical content has to be made professionally. Period.

This means, for life sciences there must be a different way to produce content in sufficient amount and variety – and at sufficient speed. The answer that IT provides is to embrace agility – and Viseven team can provide that with a new comprehensive solution, Digital Content Factory.

Agile approaches to pharma content

In general, agility is being able to respond optimally in little to no time. The term, previously applied to athletes and virtuoso performers, was adopted by IT teams who streamlined their production by constantly referring to customer’s wishes (feedback included) and making amendments at all stages of work. In other words, why wait for a project to be completely finished and closed, only to find you’ll need to redo some of it?

Here’s the clue: communication is really important, and if you establish a proper infrastructure to production, like easy review and approval procedures, you will gain time to perfect what you do. Agility brings you much closer to what result you have in mind – and what the customer has in mind.

Why should pharma care? Well, it’s pharma who caters to their audience and it’s mostly brand/product managers who know exactly what content would please the customers and convert leads. It would be reasonable for marketers to get more involved in content production – if only it wasn’t too technical. So the ideal solution has to bridge the gap between developers and marketers.

More Coordination, or How not to See Double When Looking at Double Audience

Let’s face it: pharmaceutical marketing has always thought of ways to reach patients, because that’s where the vast DTC playbook can be used. On the other hand, you have all of these professional and ethical issues – you can’t market complex prescription drugs directly.

The solution is to engage patients by providing patient information through the doctors. We have seen that patients are willing to engage with doctors digitally – for example, about 31% have used a mobile app to contact their provider, and 86% have opted for portals. People are waiting for more doctors to go digital. Pharma can fit here by creating content that can be distributed to physicians – and by them, to patient audience.

Utopia? Really, how much more content is that? The audience is now double, and its two constituent parts want quite different types of content. How many more agencies will have to be hired?

Oh, and when there are multiple markets with localization issues, the audience is doubled in at least several of them, if not all.

This can be solved by content reuse. Having your content produced in blocks will enable you to combine them into presentations and apps for any purpose. For example, suppose a company has several slides describing a particular cardiac issue, and several slides describing how their product alleviates it. These slides can be used for:

a) an eDetailing presentation, along with more specialist-oriented information;

b) a patient app, along with an adherence calendar and popup reminders;

c) a presentation for new patients helping to understand the condition;

d) an eDetailing presentation for a portfolio of products;

e) a localized version of app/presentation, etc.

Sounds promising! Now the two audiences have their perfect piece of content, and very little extra effort is put in. Content management platforms like eWizard enable quick content reuse (even by non-developers), so tech is no longer an issue here.

Your digital organization will need an upgrade, though: for handling the double audience, there needs to be perfect coordination, and all those who work with content should be able to act in a single unified workspace.

Agility again, and here’s where Digital Content Factory becomes relevant.

How Digital Content Factory works

To put it straightforward, Digital Content Factory is the package of:

All digital tools that allow easy and quick content editing / reuse / management / sharing / exchange


Expertise on how to provide a single workspace for managers, local divisions and agencies (using these tools and other content systems at hand through integrations)


Readily available teams for specific tasks like localization, rebranding or design – all waiting to be plugged into the system

What Viseven Group does here is provide you with anything you might need to fuel the content strategy and giving your company the full control over the process.

  1. The collection of your existing content can be expanded cost-effectively by adding content on turn-key basis; for smaller project like reusing and editing content, it is possible no external agency will be needed – thanks to the HTML5 content editing tool, managers can make their own quick changes to respond to the current situation on the market.
  2. The results of their work can be easily integrated into whichever content management system you use (for example, Veeva PromoMats) – or they can be made available to the global community of your content managers via the storage that comes with Digital Content Factory itself.
  3. The system of instant content approval allows any manager who has just made adjustments to an existing piece of content to press one button and let the approver know. Once this piece of content is approved, it can be distributed to all departments for them to save time and not to do the same job.
  4. Whenever a more complicated task is to be done, it can be immediately outsourced – and the agency can interact via the same system, with a carefully set up level of access, so everyone in charge knows what is being done in design, translation, coding, and at what stage. Medical and legal consulting, as well as copywriting, are also available instantly for very close collaboration.

In a Nutshell

Of course, there’s a well-thought mechanism of coordination. The approach to agility used in Digital Content Factory works even better when there’s a dedicated Digital Manager who can act as a link between all the teams and boost the speed even further by coordinating effort. In this way, the combination of templates and better coordination with interactive approval can make content production flow 4x faster, as estimated by analysts.

Digital Content Factory is about making content production truly agile – by reusing content and setting the closest collaboration possible, we reduce time-to-market, so that your content strategy responds to market situation at any time. With this new approach, pharma companies can create as much professional content as is needed to bring value to pharma’s double audience and establish ties to patients and physicians alike. To see the Digital Content Factory in action, you can watch this video. Also, don’t hesitate to ask our experts how it will best fit the individual needs of your business.