Digital Bakery or “How to Make Delicious Content”

In January 2016, Viseven sponsored one of the brightest digital events of the year – Digital Pharma Advances organized by Global Insight Conferences, London. Our team joined the company of leading pharmaceutical giants including Novartis, Janssen, Eli Lilly, Roche and Pfizer to discuss digital transformations and new approach in multichannel marketing collaboration.

What are brand-managers’ burning needs? What results do marketers expect to have at the end of a digital marketing campaign? How to make every workday of content approvers easier and more transparent?

Taking together all the touchpoints of multiple roles in digital marketing content creation, we presented the idea of Digital Bakery – the “factory” producing always fresh and innovative content with specified roles.

Our Digital Bakery heroes – the story maker, the content producer, the message tailor and the approver – gave several hints to the audience about the recipe of an evolving brand’s story creation:

  • As every cake needs to have the perfect shape, likewise every eDetailing needs perfect information architecture with proper interlinking, connection between installed apps and proper story flow shaping.
  • Great decoration is of the same importance, so when you are “cooking” make sure to give enough attention to design and development – apply user-oriented elements, choose true-to-life animation, stick to the single development standard.

  •  When your digital “cake” is almost ready, take a final look to be sure that you created a really delicious piece – rely on the feedback from the field, double-check any external applications, observe whether the presentation content meets regulations.
  • Share your “sweet” content with the people you love – your customers: distribute content through multiple channels with a built-in mechanism, use a unified platform for global to local teams’ collaboration, and operate in a single digital workspace of file storage and approval systems.

Now when your delicious content is ready we would like to share with you a few pics of how the fairytale was brought to life: