The days of cardboard pharma are over and so are the days of static presentations. If you have been keeping up with the recent digital pharma content developments, this doesn’t sound like an overstatement to you.

After hopping on the digital bandwagon, usually what pharma companies do next is make sure their message is engaging and dynamic – thus, joining the mainstream of HTML5. However, interactive presentations seem to do a better job at maintaining sales rep—HCP connection vital. Let us follow the yellow brick road into the not-so-brand-new world of interactive tools and see why they are more popular than their static counterparts.


Non-static presentations get a share of criticism on their interactive nature itself – as in “our sales reps are not storming HCP’s offices (or carefully carving out his/her time online) in order to entertain the doctor with flashy slides or simply to watch a video together”. What’s the real value of interactivity over here?

A main skill that an outstanding sales rep has is flexibility – be it during an actual conversation or a videocall. Good reps strive to be well aware of physicians’ interests and correspond to their reactions during the talk. Pharma purposefully and understandably trains them to quickly expand on the topics brought up and the clues voiced. So, naturally, reps would want to have superpowers of, for example, navigate slides on a categorical or even individual ground, find a relevant instruction, study or animated mechanism of action – all on the go. Well, they can’t be that operative with static presentations. Because, to put it mildly, static presentations’ flexibility is a joke. A joke that takes up too much of rep’s time and productivity. It’s time to stop hindering pharma’s field force’s efforts of delivering tailored content of value.

‘Sticking with pdf’s is cheaper’, some might claim. Not if pharma is missing out on opportunity to make its customers really listen. Rereading the same message on slide as sales rep is simultaneously rephrasing it is not what keeps the doctor focused. Should one even mention then that engagement guarantees memorability? You want to make sure your content doesn’t fall deaf on physician’s ears (or fall blank on physician’s eyes, for that matter). Making him/her a part of it is the easy and elegant way of delivering the right message.


Next plummet in favor of the Interactive is the multitude of platforms it can be presented on. So, little but important detail over here – HTML5 presentations are adaptable to any screen, so it’s a user-friendly multi-device tool – just in line with the zeitgeist.

What’s more – over the decade of its rapid outspread, not only has digital content become a logical extension of face-to-face visits, but also made a totally new branch of communication possible – that is, remote detailing and self-detailing.

Tools like Viseven Remote Detailer provide pharma’s sales teams a unique chance to inform and sell either from an organized web-call center or even from home office, covering now both f2f and remote channels. So, be it sales reps’ tablet, smartphone or doctor’s personal computer – with remote detailers alike you get your message across even in case the doctor doesn’t have time (or “doesn’t have time”) to see the messenger.


Last but not least: the goal is not only to capture the doctor’s attention, but to be able to maintain it. How do you quantify the physician’s attention, engagement and loyalty in order to further plan on keeping it? You collect and arrange data, putting it in different cause-and-effect categories, establishing grounds for future marketing campaigns’ decisions.

You guessed it, that is called the KPIs, and interactive presentations and tools do the job done for you in collecting, sending and storing them. Now you can bring all that valuable data into a measurable and tangible dimension. And since data-driven marketing is at the top vote (53%) of decision-making processes in pharma, this quantifying trick gives inventive pharma marketers real-time feedback and enables them make proactive amendments to improve and shuffle around presentations and pump up sales rates.

Also salespeople should have no problem with managing their calendars, reaching their clients online or doing research on some crucial statistics. In order to organize all that data, tools like Viseven CLM become handy, it is built particularly for the field force. It will support your presentations and schedules, arrange your calls, deliver territory analytics and reports, swiftly provide additional subjects for the conversation. The sales team gets 24/7 access to any kind of material stored on both global or local clouds. And what’s the most important – it works offline as well, without compromising on quality of the workflow. Such coordination of your data makes interactions with physicians more productive. Similarly, certain similar tools (e.g. Nexxus Mobile Intelligence) seamlessly integrate with Viseven CLM in such way supporting life science with an omnichannel ground, which provides a valuable flow of data handled with a unified tool.

Derive value with an anytime-anywhere approach

In one fell swoop of a tool, the interaction between HCPs and sales reps can be transformed drastically. And, what’s equally important, to the benefit of both sides. Valuable and timely connection are at the value of gold (or rather, oil). Send a request for a live demo to our experts team to experience that magic of interactive tools in action.