Like parents glad with their child having acquired some new skills, we are happy to announce that Viseven CLM is from now on available for Windows tablets!

Being well-balanced and user-friendly, the tool becomes the only one that doesn’t overload your med reps with the excessive data. Instead of that, it allows accessing the most essential functions right from the home screen and enables easy navigation between the pages within the app. Due to that, your field forces don’t need to waste time on looking for the necessary piece of information, for example, where the doctor works, what time the call is scheduled, what the results from the previous interaction are, etc.

The version takes communication in fields to the next level, enabling easy key-message delivery, use of global content adapted to the local realities, and gaining insights. Besides improving customer engagement, Viseven CLM streamlines med reps’ daily routine. It simplifies planning their activities, enhances demonstration of product presentations, and likewise allows monitoring their activity for further improvements. Thus, you can see how each of your sales forces is performing, as well as which materials are better at drawing the customers’ attention.

As a result, you don’t only get to know your customers’ needs, but can also define what materials require updates to make communication with HCPs even more personalized. What is more, with instant CRM synchronization, you will never miss a single piece of data, which can be turned into a valuable insight later on.

To appreciate the simplicity and intuitiveness of the Viseven CLM platform, contact us to get a free demo.