What lies inside pharma and life science content reality? When it comes to its core, its smooth development and systematic evolving directly depends on customers’ attitudes towards the whole range of services and products. Apart from producing a high-quality product, the way it’s supposed to be delivered plays a significant role in deepening your brand consistency. The gear wheel for pushing any strategy forward is stable and firmly managed content flow production.

Let’s identify a few major weapons which are already available in marketer’s strategic arsenal: a wide orchestration of automatic tools, unlimited access to newest data, cutting-edge technologies emerging at a rapid pace, and on top of that triangle – a myriad of channels and devices. So here we are, moving further towards an exceptionally new creative path concerning more data-driven, customer-centric content production.

Let’s start from the essential needs life science and pharma are struggling to attain:

  • Provide sufficient and stable time-to-market
  • Highly-maintaining regular compliance
  • Ability to expand external collaboration
  • Rapid extension of global markets
  • Manage local adaptations
  • Adjust business and technological basis

These are more readily attainable than they may seem! As shown by several digitally savvy pharma departments, the key is sparing effort. The results won’t be far behind if you make an emphasis on automating these 3 content creation processes:

 #1 Streamline your automatic publishing

What will you receive with Veeva Vault publishing automation?

Veeva Vault PromoMats is a unique manageable platform for accelerating your content management workflow from its beginning till the end across digital supply chains. Driven by cloud technology, it grants you with 3 superior benefits:

  • constant access to global assets
  • control of critical content
  • boosting your brand alignment

Most Vault PromoMats customers have recognized a six-month return on investment, and experienced a significant improvement in other core content management metrics:

57% – reduction in review cycle time

55% – reduction in time spent in MLR/PRC meetings

25% – reduction in time spent on compliance procedures

88% – reduction in time spent on agencies initiating and uploading jobs

Why implementing automatic content publishing will ultimately lead to new perspectives?

– content creation&distribution: all processes are streamlined and tailored at the same time

– instant accuracy&compliance of data flow

– significant reducing costs: saving up to 50% of your budget

– accelerating&speeding up time-to-market and solution development

– tracking&configuration of all workflows

 #2 Global templating

Instead of wasting your time and efforts on each single occasion of your content production phase – here is a win-win alternative which will definitely pay off. Companies’ stakeholders and decision-makers should shift their focus on articulating a larger sense for purpose and connecting with people on a personal basis. Thus, doing the same work repeatedly is certainly not that thing aiming to serve customers in a better way. As the 2017 Accenture digital content research shows, templatizing existing content (72% of survey’s inputs) in content creation is the best and most sustainable practice that can happen to a digital asset.

Just schematically, how to simplify your content creation along with template approach? If you are attempting to build your eDetailing from scratch – it’s high time to let it go. What is a solution? Choose a needed template from Pre-designed Library in Veeva Vault or eWizard Global Store, insert any desired components/elements – and repurpose or readopt your craft in a matter of minutes.

What’s further: localization in one click

The overall way to approach local emerging markets has already being challenged. Most pharma and life science companies’ vendors and stakeholders recognized that a major factor for targeting global markets is an effective focus on local adjustments. Hence, in order to reach your high peak globally, it’s worth paying attention to each individual demand.  The “Golden Rule” should be applied: to launch your big Global Journey – each local area should be treated as the most significant one.

You have to create the capability in yourself to be able to produce your own voice. It has to be your own, a reflection of the organization’s true self. So, this is creating challenges for many companies that relied on agencies in the past to provide that content. Today you are in danger of sounding promotional, inauthentic, and uninviting.

Donna Tuths

Urgency in localization has already became a day-to-day reality for pharma:

  • effortless translation to required language
  • precise adaptation to each single market need
  • proper technical adjustments to the channels and platforms
  • structured evaluation of your workflow
  • flexibility in a changing environment
  • robust data segmentation and its dynamic structure

 #3 Enrich your content efficacy with more creative features

It’s high time to catch your audience’s attention with interactive breakthroughs: the response will be not long in coming! You can show all at once just on several well interacted slides, including an “eye-catching” landing page or homepage – and create a better brand awareness among your target audience. Finally, it reveals a huge space for boosting your creative thinking: take a single slide, add whatever animated details you want, and keep your audience interested in further interactive screens. All these features can be implemented within our eWizard platform: it will not only allow you to speed up your presentation creation but also reduce its load time.  Besides a rapid access to digital assets, ability to comment on presentation slides and online localization, here is one more functionality to come:  simultaneous collaboration online even from different locations. Not to mention the ability to convert your PDF, PowerPoint, InDesign files directly to CLM-ready format or HTML5 just in a few clicks.

Beyond question, doing all the above-mentioned things within one single platform will certainly ensure your peak productivity. Pointless efforts, time and unrequired costs are just a myth now! To sum it all up, the prior features, be it online localization, tools for automatic creation or conversion into interactive images, are not limited. As we are rapidly progressing forward, eWizard will grant you with more innovative platform updates to cope with whatever forthcoming challenges may occur. To explore the platform in action or get further information drop our team of experts a line – and do not miss a chance to become an innovator!