eDetailing is a new digital solution for all global pharma intended for building constructive dialogues with the customers and delivering the messages at the right place, at the right moment.

What are the characteristics of quality eDetailing and how to combine several digital solutions to achieve greater results?

With the help of eDetailing, brand and product manager teams can create and deliver engaging brand story, while med reps present it to the customers. Telling a bright story is more important than any other thing. It allows to maintain customer engagement, providing the latest industry information. It enables the field force to steer the right way and lead the conversation, making some notes, analyzing the doctor`s response and immediately capturing feedback.

A good story includes representation of problematic issues the customer can face, and simultaneously highlights exact product information, unveiling its effective key characteristics to give the customer all the necessary material and show how it can solve the problems. To make the presentation brighter and more informative, your brand manager can include slides with patient profiles, latest research and analytics designed in the form of powerful dashboards to reinforce the story, as well as engaging questions to promote constructive dialogue.

A bright, fascinating digital story is not possible without true interactivity. Not only should high-quality content be considered, but the millions of details on each slide (the colors, location of images and text, video or other interactive elements on the slide – round sliders, pie charts, carousel, dynamic pie charts, advanced dynamic graphs). Interactivity is a connector and works as a bridge between the med rep and the physician. The more engaging material your presentation contains, the more memorable your eDetailing will be.

However, to bring all pieces together your med reps should be empowered with the world-class Viseven CRM and CLM, which can significantly increase sales force efficiency, give plentiful marketing automation opportunities to control user database and register all your contacts and leads, placing meaningful information about each of them. A mobile tool for customer interactions is a great choice to effectively plan calls, make remote calls, collect dynamic KPIs through interactive presentations and transform data into powerful dashboards.

You can easily integrate your eDetailing presentation into Viseven CRM and show it to the physicians on the call via the CLM system, you can also send the whole presentation or single slides via the most appropriate channel, delivering valuable messages.

By the way, according to the Research 75% of sales managers say that using CRM helps to drive and increase sales, while for 61% of them it allows for key access to customer information and data. Moreover, a 15% increase in productivity is observed when sales teams use CRM mobile apps.

Let`s take a look at the main benefits of CRM systems. According to the next graphic, a CRM system helps you to follow leads with the highest chance of conversation, it ties various departments together and creates a united system. With real-time access to data, you will be able to make instant decisions and find necessary information any time.

A Survey by Tech News World shows the main aspects of CRM system and what it brings to the business. Based on this survey, we can make a reasonable conclusion that CRM improves customer relationship (74% answered that it improves customer service, according to 66% it increases customer satisfaction and for 56% a CRM system improves customer retention).

Thus, a combination of quality eDetailing empowered with a good CRM system opens a new level of business intelligence. It is vitally important for your business to have powerful digital tools to improve sales opportunities, build successful digital journey for your organization and, of course, understand all customer’s preferences in order to satisfy their needs.