Nowadays, in the digital era, you need to be always aware of innovative trends, because even small changes in the digital world will bring huge transformation of a healthcare system. That is why, pharmaceutical companies do everything possible to keep up with time and use brand-new opportunities for “field force” efficiency increase, as well as to turn patient-centricity way by successfully implementing digital solutions. We have analyzed information and prepared for you the most important reasons why your company needs to switch digital.


1. Easy and mobile in use
In recent years, popularity of eDetailing has increased in several times. According to the survey, 66% of pharmacists use tablets for medical purposes, while 80% of healthcare organizations store personal information on mobile devices. eDetailing offers the most optimal opportunities for building a meaningful dialogue with pharma experts. Additionally, it is very convenient to use, store required information, including documents, POSM, and patient information leaflets on one device.

2. Personalized messages 
Medical representatives can collect instant feedback, commentaries and dynamic KPIs with modern mobile technologies. They also can immediately track client`s preferences and adapt marketing strategy in accordance with their needs. Innovative devices and mobile apps allow “field force” instantly send key-messages, materials and presentations to the physician via e-mail, as a micro website, or in social networks.


3. Savings in cost and time
To create eDetailing presentation, you no longer need to refer to creative agencies and to wait a few weeks until the corrections will finally be made. You can create interactive presentations only for 2-3 hours and edit for 30 minutes. Thus, digital marketing tools help companies to effectively use interactive content, analyze received data to respond market demands, to save time and budget.


4. Turn your presentation into interactive engaging story
Bright, interactive presentation will make communication on the call the most engaging and effective one. The broad variety of functions (animated slides, video, guided questions) enable to create proper conversation, involving all stakeholders in the dialogue.

5. New communication channels
Digital technologies create even more opportunities for enhancement of customer interactions. You can develop interactive presentations and then distribute them through all the available channels – internet, social networks, micro websites, collecting feedback and commentaries. Thus, you can always be aware of clients` preferences, while your materials will be relevant and requiring market demands.


6. Unification of all stakeholders into ecosystem
The final consumer – patient. Digital marketing trends, directed at satisfying patients` needs, have been arising day by day all around the world. According to statistics, more than 68% of patients are online several hours a day and they prefer online communication with pharmacists. Mostly, they are looking information about medication (80%), chronic conditions (75%), healthcare services (71%), illnesses (65%). The switch to “digital” format helps to form quality communication between all stakeholders: pharmaceutical companies, patients, physicians, uniting all in one digital system.

7. “Field force” efficiency
Over the last 15 years, the usage of digital technologies has substantially increased. What`s more, experts point out that productivity of med reps also has increased. Sales representatives can quickly find the answers to the most challenging tasks with immediate access to necessary documents and valuable information.
You can easily manage contacts and plan different kinds of calls with a flexible system. It also allows you to monitor activities of each med rep: show time spent on the call, on the single slide; what slides the physician was interested in, and plans for the next visit. Additionally, medical representatives can efficiently spend time before the call, responding scenario-based questions about products and the presentation in just several minutes.