Content marketing is the only marketing left.

Seth Godin


Have you heard that quote? No, wait, you read it online. Talking of that one by Seth Godin you can see right next to here.  With the current state of marketing, it’s all too clear that digital content is not something “superior” to conventional marketing routines, it’s simply obligatory. After all, people have become too savvy to trust the traditional ads, and too busy to pay attention to anything except what’s to the point. With digital content marketing, you seem to address the audience quite well, only that the costs can sometimes be impressive. Why not think of ways to optimize the budgets?

We’re not advising to spare on digital – that would be a weird thing to do. Instead, doing the classy digital maneuvers you’ve invested into can and will pay off, if only you make sure you know exactly when to perform those maneuvers. Here are just five brief ideas, inspired by stats.

5 ways to optimize digital content budget