Why are some salespeople more successful at closing deals than others? Do they have different type of expertise? No way. They just avoid making some common sales mistakes. Let’s have a closer look at 5 main pitfalls while dealing with customers, which you or your sales team should be aware of.

      1. Target the wrong customers

The first thing a newcomer to sales business faces is getting the right customers. An unexperienced salesperson may waste a great deal of time, trying to convert unviable people with no interest to the brand you offer. Analyze stats and infographics surveying your product target audience to get a clear picture of what has to be done. Try to realize who your prospective customers are, in order to address to the right people and deliver product value in a more focused way.

      2. Use a one-size-fits-all approach

Today marketing experts are all agree about choosing a customer-centered business strategy. Applying the same routine standardized procedure during customer interactions will get you nowhere. Try to be more specific while communicating with your potential customers – give them strong reasons why your brand is exactly the one they have been looking for. Gather more customer data before meeting someone, to be sure the content you are delivering is personalized. Listening skill is also your priority here – you can get instant feedback and tailor your offer.

      3. Be a hard seller

You can hardly find a prospect who would tolerate getting pushed when it comes to making a deal. Experienced salespeople always start building up trust-based relationships with new customers. People need to feel that they are highly appreciated and the upcoming deal will be a fair play. Do not oversell. Never. Let your customers make up their minds and come up with the positive decision. Be helpful, not pushy – choose the right time and channel to reach your customers.

      4. Leave the customers halfway

Closing a deal is only a midpoint of any customer journey. Getting him further is the only reasonable solution for a salesperson to drive B2B or B2C sales. The secret of keeping your customers engaged lies in adding value to your product or service. Stand by their side, be ready to assist on any issue, inform about new brand features, involve them into loyalty programs – do everything to make your customers stay tuned with the brand. Thus, your one-time buyers will get converted into long-term allies.

      5. Forget your previous mistakes

Use your previous negative sales experience to avoid failing in the future. Amy C. Edmondson, the Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School states in her article “Strategies for Learning from Failure” that the wisdom of learning from failure is unquestionable. Keep track of all your customers and take time to analyze what drives them to certain actions. It helps you reconsider your sales approach and maximize deal close rates. Read more info about getting customers engaged into interaction.