Selling is not that simple, as it might seem. Newborn sales reps may interpret it all the way wrong. According to the research data, conducted by Marketing Wizdom in its “Breakthrough marketing strategies proven to grow your sales and profits by 400-1000%”, around 10% of salespeople succeed in closing 80% out of all deals. Therefore, to get to this top group should be your main concern. Previously, we had a discussion, concerning the typical sales mistakes. Now, we’d like to further elaborate this issue. So, there are some rules or habits you must stick to.

      1. Good qualification is a must.

First, you have to be a topnotch professional in sales. Stuart Wall once mentioned, that good sales reps must be trained – the qualification is not the thing you are born with. All the newcomers in sales team are engaged in onboarding, which consists of training and self-education. And this process is of continuous nature. You have to attend the training sessions every week and take part in webinars and other educational events. You must acquire new knowledge, retain it and use it on the calls.

      2. Enhance your customer empathy through motivation

Being a successful expert in sales does not mean only your professional skills. It implies your personality traits. A natural impulse to do the selling. This impulse comprises several aspects. For instance, Geoffrey James underlines Assertiveness, Kelley Robertson singles out Persistence, Stuart Leung talks about Diligence and Cara Hogan emphasizes the necessity of the Drive-to-win approach, and it’s not all over. However, it is hard to disagree with Doug Chapman’s words that Motivation is crucial and embraces them all. It is motivation that drives good sales reps and leads to Customer Empathy. When motivated, you always feel your customers’ mood and emotions and they value it. It helps to build trust-based relationship, which in turn enhances lead nurturing.

      3.  Deliver brand value, not features

Always keep in your mind that people are not interested literally in your product. Prospects have their specific needs and want them to be satisfied. Your paramount goal is to make potential customers believe that your brand can do this best of all. Try to be persuasive but not forceful – customers do not like being pressed. Your empathy can also help you here reach the point.

      4. Respect your customers’ time

Consider your leads work schedule before arranging a meeting. They are busy and do not have much time to spend listening to your everlasting speeches. Cut down your talking time. Be concise and consistent. Let your customers speak out. Will Humphries assures us in his article “Are you listening to your customers?”, that customers appreciate when sales rep doesn’t just hear, but listens to them. Be all ears to the prospect’s words – you get to know him better, which gives you an advantage next time.

      5. Build a tailored long lasting customer interaction

Converting your leads into customers is not a final point in their lifecycle. Good sales experts take them further on a customer journey. What can help you to keep your customers engaged and loyal to your brand? How could you streamline your own workflow and data mining? You need to have some responsive automation system implemented into your company’s sales and marketing processes. Christelle Hobby, for instance, underlines the importance of applying CRM systems to all modern businesses. And it proves to be trustworthy indeed.  What gives it to you as a sales rep? Well, let’s have a look. Firstly, a CRM system, your company uses, contributes greatly to the workflow automation. It reduces time needed to gather and analyze the data. CRM systems can track all the customers data, help you get feedback and proactively customize your interactions. And much, much more. To get deeper insight on this topic, follow the given link.