Customers. Customers. Customers. All businesses revolve around them. All businesses compete on attracting more of them. All businesses focus all the efforts on anticipating their needs and satisfying them. To accomplish that, they hire sales reps, train them and arm with quality sales materials. Looks like sales teams have to immediately increase revenue. But they don’t for some reasons. And companies continue to ask the same question: why? Let’s try to figure it out by having a closer look at the signs, which indicate that your sales need some aid and ways to turn them bottom up.

Source: 7 Signs You Need a Sales Enablement Solution,

1. Sales reps’ efficiency rates are terrifyingly low

Despite the number of representatives in your sales team, it lacks productivity. We also call it SFE (sales force efficiency). Meanwhile, The Bridge Group states that it’s a common problem almost 65% of companies face. If this challenge is so widespread, what causes it?

In a matter of fact, sales reps efficacy is affected by the multiplicity of tasks they perform. Instead of direct selling, they have to waste time on routine and non-effective operations. In case a company manages to automate any of those tasks, sales performance will boost in a moment.

From the practical point of view, a customer relationship management system (such as Viseven CRM, or CRM, for example), can improve sales productivity by 32%. Even more, such digital solutions contribute significantly to revenue growth as well, increasing it by 41% per each sales rep.

Source: A CRM Customer Buying Cycle Infographic from Microsoft Switzerland

2. Sales reps’ don’t use a personalized approach to customers

Aiming to close more deals, your sales team can forget that customers are eager to get highly-personalized services and product information. Gone are the days when the one-size-fits-all approach was used and satisfied everyone. Now customers are looking for brands which concentrate their promotional efforts on matching individual needs of each personality. Customers want brands not just to listen to them, but hear their voice and incorporate it into each communication message.

Experts at Microsoft Switzerland, meanwhile, view CRM software as highly efficient for establishing and building long-time personalized collaboration with each stakeholder.

Source: A CRM Customer Buying Cycle Infographic from Microsoft Switzerland

3. Most of the deals stay “on hold” and disappear

Recent studies prove that from 25% up to 50% of the deals that are considered promising are kept “on hold” and result in nothing. The Sales Benchmark Index survey reveals that 58% of such “paused” deals are lost to the status quo, which means that it is much easier not to do anything.

The easiest way to cope with that status quo is to provide valuable services and information. Customers like it when a company focuses on their business, troubles, and tries to solve them. The report mentioned above also states that sales reps who engage potential customers and show them that value are more likely to hit the quota. That is why pharmaceutical CRM is of great importance: the systems provide your reps with step-by-step assistance in creating a business case and helping them to engage potential customers with credible relevant materials your customers can benefit from. Thus, all those deals “on hold” can be finally moved forth and closed.

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4. You don’t have a clear understanding of which ideas are successful, and which are not

The reports from CIO Insights reveal that making final decisions without proper data on the background is the first thing which impacts sales. Not in a positive way, that is. On the contrary, if you see which materials and approaches have worked out, and which have not, you can easily alter your sales strategy. As a result, you will not only cut down on resources consumption but also boost productivity, optimize efficacy and drive revenue.

Pharma CRM supplies small, medium and large businesses with proper analytics from the fields, which help to choose the most precise strategy of communication with customers. The CRM systems store information about all the previous interactions with the customer and show you what has left the greatest impression on him/her. Thus, your sales team can deliver only the right key messages to the right people.

Finally, we would like to bring up the well-known fact that customers don’t just like personalized treatment. They adore it. That’s why delivering individual pieces of information and receiving feedback is of key importance in creating the most positive brand image and the greatest customer experience. With a smart customer relationship management system, this challenge turns into an easily solved task.

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