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Modular content in Veeva Vault is now reality

In the hyper-digital world along with growing volume of information everywhere, pharma companies must ensure their content (be it pdf, eDetailer, email, newsletter, etc.) distributed to healthcare professionals is medically and legally regulated. Medical reviews aim to ensure the pharma content (claims, promotional materials, trainings, etc.) is accurate and compliant with all the standards and regulations. But, in fact, such approval flows might become a true bottleneck for pharma marketers and brand managers who need to deliver their product to market on time; any delay can cause serious hardships in financial terms. Pharmaceutical enterprises require a single set of technologies able to cover most of the processes of content creation and distribution.

Veeva Vault PromoMats is a unique solution for effective pharma content management. By using approved digital assets from Veeva Vault PromoMats, pharma marketers can maintain compliance in the end-to-end content lifecycle, from the very creation and review to final distribution and withdrawal. The solution provides full control and visibility at every stage.

Level up your multichannel content performance with eWizard

… and get the content into your reps’ hands faster. Thanks to direct automating publishing from eWizard to Veeva Vault, you can accelerate your time to market multiple times and reduce the number of MLR approval cycles – all your core messages, fragments and templates would be reviewed and approved in accordance with business rules.

*Medical, legal and regulatory reviewers can easily access the digital assets using any device at any time and in any place, speeding up the approval process. They can see and comment on the uploaded eDetailers, approved email elements, or websites in real mode.

By compiling Veeva and eWizard capabilities, your content workflows become easier, faster and more efficient. eWizard platform allows using the new Modular Content approach where the content exists in flexible modules used in various channel-specific templates. All the processes take place inside the single platform alongside approved assets loaded directly from Veeva Vault PromoMats.

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Let your modular content journey start with wise technology use

Have you ever thought of the same content being reused more flexible?  There’s a great idea of breaking the data down into semantic blocks to tighten the flexibility. These reusable pieces, named Modules, are automatically updated and approved in different channels simultaneously, then mapped into the channel-specific templates with no changes for MLR approvals. Once your eDetailer is ready for review, a brand manager or an agency can link the needed references required for MLR. Apart from holding a core message, a module contains all the corresponding references and information to be further inserted into the Global Master Templates.

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No need to develop content silos again and again while employing a modular approach and spend extra costs on content creation for an increasing number of digital channels. You can apply modules multiple times in various channels.

*From an ordinary graph to a module

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Leap beyond traditional content development: key benefits of the modular approach

  • Effortless MLR approval
  • Full control over content workflows
  • Get your content to market quickly
  • Strong and transparent measurement system
  • Highly personalized, channel-agnostic content tailored to a core message
  • Reduced costs spent on external agencies
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your message

Creation & publishing workflow:

The process of the module implementation into your email template will take only a few steps. Find a Modules section in the upper left corner. Choose the module that fits and incorporate it into your template.

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*Just drag and drop the module you’d like to add.

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This is what it looks like

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When you’re done with development steps, you can easily publish your ready-made content assembly to the Veeva Vault environment within a couple of minutes. Make sure you fill in all the necessary fields to proceed with the publish process.

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Go to the Library section of your Veeva account.

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Choose the asset you want to review.

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Scroll down and click the Supporting Documents section to look at each module separately if needed.

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To pave the route into patient-centricity (which is the goal of the majority of global pharma companies) would be impossible without the cutting-edge technologies combined effectively. By using the array of capabilities offered by eWizard platform, pharma marketers can meet the increasingly growing demands of their customers, while being a one step further. The 1st step in achieving omnichannel excellence is implementing the solutions that could powerfully automate as many processes as possible, leaving that free space for more creativity to lead efficient marketing campaigns.

Watch the short demo to dive deeper into the publishing process

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