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Getting Started with Content Development for Veeva – How Does It Work

The pharmaceutical industry is an ever-shifting environment with ever more sophisticated models for customer engagement. Thus, creative agencies are expanding their cooperation with Veeva not only in terms of creating content but also in terms of close interaction with the system at all levels of approval and content delivery.
Veeva is constantly innovating to help pharmaceutical companies bring their products to market quickly and efficiently while ensuring strict compliance with all regulatory rules. Over the years, our partnership with Veeva has turned our best content production efforts into the runway for omnichannel excellence take off providing compliant content distribution across all channels. This type of collaboration empowering creative agencies to build best in class integrations and solutions to enhance the Veeva portfolio. So let’s find out what can you do to skyrocket this expertise and get a coordinated, intelligent HCPs engagement.

Areas for agencies improvement

Pharma marketing reality is becoming more complex, and creative agencies are struggling to meet the demands it presents. A top-notch agency should stimulate market shifts and improvements, thus creating additional value for the client.
There’s more to it, let’s count down all areas where a creative agencies have room for improvement these days.

Approval processes

The process of creating content in the pharmaceutical industry is generally complicated as the content should be regulatory compliant. The latter implies many rounds of different practices to create and approve content before it’s finally ready for distribution. The protracted approval processes necessary at many stages of the project affect its relevance. What’s more, changes may even be in the final version, since approval in the interactive mode may not be available. Such approval flows might become a bottleneck, prevent timely content delivery, and cause some financial difficulties. However, the solution capable of automating and optimizing the MLR process may come to your aid. Vault PromoMats offers automatic versioning, search and real-time annotations. Basically, you can independently organize the content approval process (installation and assignment of roles, hierarchy, and access rights), which will significantly speed up the process of creating content and its entry into the market.

Content creation approach

A strategic approach to content production is now going through a transformation. Your task is to provide a proper organization of your content. It might be difficult due to the complex configuration of the sandbox and production environment. In this case, you need a solution that combines all the cloud storage with the ability to download and upload applications, HTML5 presentations, etc. With Veeva, you can create and upload any type of content to Veeva Vault and Veeva CRM and enjoy seamless integration of your content with Veeva products.

KPI settings

KPI is also essential to make your agency competitive. However, currently, agencies have to deal with is complex KPIs settings. If there is such a problem, your agency needs to automatically configure the KPI scheme. Partnership with Veeva empowers agency to configure settings related data collection, monitoring settings, download and synchronization in CRM.

Slow digital content time-to-market

This challenge stems from the growing need for more pharmaceutical digital content. To satisfy all current requests, it is necessary to create and update this content more rapidly and be in accordance with the rapidly changing market conditions. Moreover, with the increase of communication channels, there is a need for quick adaptation of materials to each of them. Vault PromoMats allows you to distribute content with one click across all channels. Moreover, you control all processes related to the content, from creation to distribution. Any content updates can be immediately propagated to the field.

 Apparently, there are many problems accompanying content development for pharma. That’s why thinking through digital content strategy, creative agencies need to define their creativity, and find new solutions for today’s challenges. Now is the right time to reorganize and develop new, alternative ways to augment digital content production. It is important to rely on collaboration with technological enablers and be able to integrate into your customer’s existing ecosystem.

How an enhanced agency ecosystem can help your agency

Marketers spend most of their effort and time orchestrating their agency ecosystem, trying to manage a huge number of content providers. For this reason, some agencies may even facilitate hiring with clearly defined roles, skills and responsibilities. Agency certification is the best indicator available to help large pharmaceutical companies navigate in search for new content production partners. However, it’s not enough to be certified  for content creation, you should have a tool that allows you to expand Veeva functionality.

Pharma companies generally prefer long-term collaborations now. The thing we can recommend to address their problems is to arm your agency with a platform that could also cover the specific needs of content creation, reuse, adaptation, etc. Integrate it into your harmonious ecosystem with the customer company and get great benefits for your agency.

How does eWizard simplify the workflow for the agency?

eWizard Platform is an advanced content authoring solution that saves your time and expenses at every step of digital content creation. We integrated eWizard with Veeva Vault PromoMats so that our users could get a wide range of content management capabilities. Thanks to the coordinated work of these solutions, today, pharma and our partner agencies have access to the global repository, find or leverage approved digital assets, publish them across multiple channels, and speed up time to market.

eWizard enables agency teams to create high quality, interactive, and engaging content in a fraction of the time and cost.

Partnership with Veeva enables our agency partners to:

  1. Streamline approval process
  2. Get one-click approval in interactive mood
  3. Eliminate long email chains with their customers
  4. Automate publishing to Veeva Vault PromoMats
  5. Optimize multichannel content distribution
  6. Easily connect with customers’ sandbox
  7. Make fast changes and get 100% content reuse
  8. Iterate effectively around content changes
  9. Get automated KPI scheme setting
  10. Onboard their team to work with Veeva easily – no certification required

Our History with Veeva

Viseven has been working in partnership with Veeva since 2013. We attained the highest level of integration with Veeva Suite products and services supported by technical guidance of Veeva data models, capabilities, product use cases, and configuration settings.
Through this partnership, we help our clients to bring products to market faster and more efficiently. We studied, and worked with, with multiple Veeva products and content types as they became available.
In Technology Partnership with Veeva, we achieved the highest level of integration with Veeva Suite products and services. It helps us to provide a full bunch of services related to content management and Veeva CRM settings.

Looking back at or story with Veeva, we are happy that found the very model helping us to serve our customers both as a full-service partner agency and a comprehensive omnichannel solutions provider.
By compiling Veeva and eWizard capabilities, content workflows become easier, faster and more efficient. To see this integration in action, request a free eWizard trial and book a short demo with our experts