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Reselling opens up a whole world of perspectives and opportunities to boost your sales and business. Among other things, a proficient reseller program empowers to generate sales across different sectors or even geographical areas. However, to get off to a flying start, you have to broaden your reselling knowledge and choose the program that is right for your business and consistent with the desired level of investment.  

Viseven is set on partnerships to create new revenue opportunities and deliver customer success through joint efforts. That’s why we want to share with you the key details of our new reseller partner program.

Overview of the program: 

  • What is the resellingpartner program? 
  • The reselling partner onboarding process 
  • What can you earn?
  • Partner considerations
  • Resources and contact information

Our reseller partners, who are they? 

Our reseller partners are mainly consulting and marketing agencies who want to expand their service portfolio withproducts, they can offer to become a one-stop-shop for Pharma. These include top-tier pharma market solutions like eWizardeWizard Pulse, eWizard NaviGateViseven CLM, Viseven CRM, etc.

Feel free to join our webinar on Tuesday, June 30, 11 AM СEST to explore new reselling opportunities with Viseven.

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