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    With email marketing, you can be incredibly useful to the customer. With old-school email marketing, on the other hand, you can be unbelievably annoying to that same customer. Spambox is where the latter category of email predictably lands, even in highly professional fields like pharmacy. So how not to? The answer is simple: strategic allocation of personalized messages throughout the feed.

    Of course it’s become more complicated now, with higher expectations to content, lower sensitivity to the medium, as well as regulations (GDPR if you’re working with European audience). You may find you want to use a whole array of tools to manage your carefully laid out email strategy. Integrating these tools in coherent work processes will, then, provide even more efficiency. The free webinar on Tuesday, April 24th, will focus exactly on these issues.

    • The possible ways of arranging the email tech capabilities, and how to make the pros outweigh the cons.
    • How tech correlates with particular tasks in email engagement – and how they interconnect.
    • The way existing tools will not just sum up, but endorse each other.

    Join in for the discussion by using this link or the form below – and thrive on well-arranged email campaigning!

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