Self-detailing as the Augmented Reality of Approved Email

As the quest for omnichannel goes on in life sciences, pharma marketers are revising the toolkit. Channels, methods, technologies are weighed against the cost of contact and the level of HCP engagement through each of the channels.

Rep calls, although costly and tied to a schedule that is often uncomfortable for the HCP, can provide insights and personal touch that are hard to get elsewhere.

Alternatively, email is flexible and provides more freedom to the HCP, but is still limited and not interactive.

This is where Self-Detailing helps to provide a completely new dimension to Approved Email practices. At the upcoming webinar, you will hear an insider view on some of the essential aspects:

  • Why self-detailing is suddenly becoming that important
  • How this channel allows to capture insights
  • What metrics you can track with the help of Self Detailing

Join the free webinar on Monday, August 31, at 5 PM EEST, to find out more about the overlooked and powerful channel that brings unexpected benefits.


Date: 31/08/2020

Time: 19:00 - 20:00

Cost: FREE