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    Nowadays, top Pharma brands are chasing omnichannel experiences for their customers.
    Channels are the initial bet in omnichannel competition. Moreover, the more channels, the more options HCPs have. Those are like genuine bonds bridging Pharma brands and their customers in a holistic dialogue.

    That’s why the quest for omnichannel starts with the knowledge of major and additional channels and their capabilities in HCPs engagement.
    The problem is you need something more than just a bunch of channels to make omnichannel work. What else?

    Join our debate to learn:

    • How to stimulate additional channels to get maximum omnichannel engagement
    • What value can specific channels give?
    • How to connect all the channels into a single customer journey?
    • About the role of modular content in advanced personalization
    • How to use various messages for different channels

    Tune in on Tuesday, July 28, 4 PM CEST to find out what it takes to win an omnichannel quest, how to make it work for your customers, and bring the expected outcomes for your campaign.

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