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    What is the future of life sciences when all the pandemic dust settles? This is what occupies the thoughts of people across pharma, CX, commercial excellence, marketing, and medical affairs, and other professional areas.

    Being in the spotlight during the last year, life sciences seem to be on an unprecedented rise, any minute ready for new breakthroughs in science. However, turning to the next normal, many uncertainties are yet here to stay.

    Taking the course on the brighter post-pandemic future, industry leaders are aligning with the leading expertise, sharing the best practices generated throughout the last year, and actively exchanging ideas.

    NEXT Normal is the ultimate event that gives a landmark on how to navigate in such changeable pharma weather. On March 23-25, it will turn into a rendezvous point for 1000+ pharma leaders who will outline the trajectory of pharma in the next normal.

    Among 50 panelists are Viseven experts who will share the opinion on ‘How to Secure Pharma Companies in Terms of Regulation and Management of Personal Data Thanks to the Best DCF Security Standards’ – one of the industry’s most hot-button topics.

    Pharmas who perfecting up their content production workflows with Digital Content Factory-type organizations in place experience growing concerns about data security and access management.

    Thankfully, best practices and technical expertise can ensure a robust, hyper-secure ecosystem “trained” to respect information security – from data encryption to user role management.

    Meet Viseven on Wednesday, March 24, 14.20 – 14.50 CET. During the session, our experts will share our latest findings and know-hows based on experience working with several global industry leaders.

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    23/03/2021 - 25/03/2021
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