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So for a number of reasons, your old Content Management System (CMS) turned out to be a production-killer, an energy-waster or even both. So you made this plausible decision – moving on to a different one, a seamless interactive work-of-tech-art. Easier said then done – there are a couple of things you always have to consider. One of those gems is: what about your content? What’s the best way to transport it and embed it into a new Content Management System?

As a matter of fact, content migration can often be the hardest part when implementing a new CMS. It’s such a messy business that very few organizations do it as it’s supposed to be done.  You can easily expect to cut that time in half if you know a couple of core migration tips.

There’s a list of things to consider if you need to figure out your own web content migration project. We’ll be discussing three paramount points out of this list on Thu, October 25th at 4pm CEST.

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