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    The traditional approach to content creation can’t meet the requirements of a modern customer anymore. The creation of any marketing piece could be an extensive, resource-heavy and time-consuming process. Pharma marketers have moved beyond long-established tactics and shifted to an approach that appeared to be a solution to such issues. The implementation of a modular strategy helps improve content performance and ensure content creation agility. Whatever piece of marketing you create (be it a website, e-detailer, newsletter, email), the content is broken down into reusable pieces, named Modules. These reusable content blocks could be inserted into a template, then updated, and approved in each channel simultaneously.

    The definite benefits of the Modular Content Strategy will be seen in:

    • lower delivery time;
    • effortless MLR approval;
    • brand governance over content published;
    • constant tracking of message effectiveness;
    • ability to create dynamic personalized content;
    • reduction in costs spent on external agencies;
    • full control over content workflows.

    Our experts will navigate you through each step of a new Modular Content Strategy process. Watch our webinar recording to dive into the benefits of a modular approach; the approach that ultimately helps us create more efficiently and be more flexible. Here’s a great start: use this link to request the recording.

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