Make Digital Production simple – agency guide to briefing

Brilliant work starts with the correct problem definition. That’s why a well-designed briefing process for assets like e-detailing, landing pages, and emails is the first step to a brilliant digital production. However, it can sometimes be tough to find the right balance that allows to be clear about your expectations and leave enough room for the Agency’s creativity. A not-so-great brief can seal an average (or worse!) outcome before the Agency team even started rolling up their sleeves.

For these reasons, our webinar is dedicated to a deep discussion of progressive techniques and workflows for agencies and more:

  • Best practices for compiling a great brief
  • What represents an ultimate briefing checklist in global pharma?
  • What will make your agency brief look brilliant?
  • How to get the best from our agency partnerships with pharma clients and smash it out of the park?
  • Pharma clients and development teams share their experience on what could be done differently to get better results. (What frustrates them?)

Want to run your projects with increasing capacity for outstanding results? Feel free to request the webinar recording by submitting a simple form below and we will send you the link to the video to your email box.

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