Unveil how to smoothly evolve into Multichannel Content Marketing skipping the painful transitional period

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Thanks to the recent technological boom, pharma industry has already adopted new multichannel approaches. Moreover, cross-channel strategy implementation has already led to tremendous opportunities for collaborative work and the ability to align all the channels into one robust mix. For pharma marketing campaign, the key points are both providing “perfectly accepted content” and keeping the brand message. Besides, specifically for multichannel strategy it is essential to add more value through each channel and make them impactful as they become far more personalized.

Theoretically, the ideal holistic multichannel funnel looks quite manageable. Starting with:

  • working on strategy itself
  • reviewing and analyzing the target audiences
  • defining appropriate channels
  • considering their needs and values

And finishing with:

  • closing the loop on making vital adjustments through each phase

Yet the question remains: how can we successfully shift all that amount of data and research towards multichannelling and turn it into clear practical outcomes? Unsurprisingly, each marketing strategy phase might contain some painful transitional periods and unpredicted pitfalls. This webinar will, step-by-step, take you through the journey of how to smoothly develop a multichannel content marketing strategy and close the barriers which are likely to occur in a sudden manner. Join us on Tuesday, July 31st, at 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM (CEST) by using this link or register in the form below. Be prepared to fully embrace more and more multichannel opportunities!

Unveil how to smoothly evolve into Multichannel Content Marketing skipping the painful transitional period 

31/7/20184:00pm CEST30 minutes

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