5 reasons why email should remain in your multichannel strategy

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If you’re about to write off the email channel from your physician engagement strategies – hang on there! We hope that newest legal compliance requirements have not stopped you from sending newsletters and connecting with your physician audience. Although we are living in post-GDPR world, email still remains the most used channel in pharma+HCP communication chain.
So your multichannel strategy will not be complete without a decent mailing campaign. It’s just the matter of how you adjust this channel’s capacities to the new web-reality. Here are just a couple of reasons why email is still a very welcome addition to your multichannel strategy:

  • Email is a perfect source for analytics and understanding your audience’s needs;
  • Email gives the decision to connect into physician’s hands, making it the most welcomed channel;
  • Email is the easiest way to speak out with your brand, building brand awareness with eloquent structured design.

Our mailing campaign experts will be answering those questions at the webinar, which will be happening on Tuesday, 20 November. Make half an hour of your time at 11 am for an insightful discussion of the newest ways to make your multichannel strategy complete. You can join by following this link or by registering down below.

5 reasons why email should remain in your multichannel strategy

20/11/201812:00pm CET24.5 hours

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