Digital Pharma Advances in London, UK

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Brief Outline

No better way to start off 2019 than discussing the latest insights from the world of digital pharma. At Digital Pharma Advances Conference, we’ll be doing just that – speaking digital and nothing but digital. Two full days of dynamic discussions are waiting for the insight-avid participants, among whom are such global names as Roche,  Johnson&Johnson, GSK, AstraZeneca, Teva, Merck, UCB, Pfizer and many more! And although the stage seems to be set for European represenatives for the most part, insights from the US will also be presented to the audience.

Day one offers a tight schedule: 32 senior pharmaceutical brand speakers will be prompting dynamic discussions with data-packed case studies, insightful showcases and much more. In short, this year’s event is polar yet harmonious, promising to teach you how to drive innovation that gives actionable results by showing real examples of combining theory and practice. Embedding digital innovation, transforming cultures and empowering salesforce while proving ROI, delivering results and monetising customer insights – these two camps are far from mutually exclusive, and this event is designed to demonstrate, why.


Key Digital Themes to be discussed at this pharma summit, include:

  • Touching upon the latest tech trends and how they scale: VR, AI, robotics, blockchain, machine learning
  • Drawing actionable analytics and building an integrated view of the customer
  • Building patient-centric or HCP-engaging marketing strategies why not both? 

Wait, haven’t we missed the multichannel engagement point? Ever since 2013, an event devoted to digital pharma can’t be considered compelling without this crucial theme. Well, here’s the good news: there will be a whole day dedicated to the Multi-channel: panels, discussions and break-out sessions, brushing up on the lastest trends. We’ll be digging into this during the second part of the event at the Multi-channel excellence in pharma Post-Conference, featuring 10 pharmaceutical brand speakers, all of which will be happenning at a different venue on the Day two.

To see the full event agenda, visit event’s website and consider downloading the brochure. And once you’ve made up your mind, seize your chance to participate in shaping the discourse – get the £150 discount on your pass price by using the code viseven when registering online. Don’t miss out on groundbreaking moments @pharmaconf! The insights you’ll be bringing from this conference will be dominant in the Digital Pharma narrative for the year to come. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be a part of this discussion!

Our contribution

Connected Content: how to create content beyond systems, channels and devices

Viseven has long been on the cutting-edge side of the digital pharma – a decade, to be precise. This time, we’ll be ambassadors of the revolution that challenges the usual ways the multichannel strategies are supplied with content. Imagine creating sustainable content that exists truly out of the box, be it device, format or even content type, with resulting channel-agnostic content that can be published to systems of your choice. No channel in multichannel makes match-all, sustainable and cross-cutting content happen. This is what our mission at Digital Pharma Advances will be all about.

The new content sustainability manifests itself as a combination of content-adaptable modules and channel-specific templates. And here’s the deal with the resulting channel-agnostic content: you create once – publish to many. To be substantive about this approach, here’s a video snapshot of what our story we will be centered around. Sounds interesting? Do not miss out on a great networking and learning opportunity! We will be there during both days; so – see you there for talk small and big alike at booth #4.

Venues for days 1&2

The great 32 is meeting at One Great George Street to discuss the most engaging, customer-centric, multichannel digital pharma marketing strategies. Your destination is easily reached by all means of transportation: by bus, by railway, by car and London underground – whatever option you choose, you’ll be no further than 5 min away from your destination point. Located right in the heart of Westminster, this iconic Edwardian building and is just a short walk from all the greens in St. James’s Park and Green Park. The Banquet Hall will not fail to impress you, just as the whole building is full of character and just radiates with history. This world class conference facility is just perfect for hosting a large scale, such as this very event. For more details on the itinerary #1, follow the link.

The second part of the Multi-channel excellence in pharma Day featuring 10 grand  speakers is to be held at Asia House, Central London, which is just 5 min away from Oxford Circus Station. The address is 63 New Cavendish Street, but all you really need to guide you is the postcode W1G 7LP.  Asia House presents a nice and perhaps necessary change for more subject-oriented discussions. For more details in the itinerary #2, follow the link.

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