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    Admit it: at some point(s) when a new communication channel was introduced, we have all thought that maybe this time it would replace an existing one. Several years ago, pharma reps were rumored to become a disappearing type, but even now, only about ½ interactions with HCPs occur without them. What is really happening is not channel substitution but better channel cohesion.

    Imagine a super smart med rep. Someone who transcends channels and operates not opposed to, but across and throughout the digital paradigm, bringing human communication into the mix – and actually directing the HCP engagement. This is the figure able to bind together the separate engagement moments and do the real promotion.

    Of course, there are immediate questions:

    • What do you start with to foster this talent in your organization?
    • Which digital channels stand closest to the reps’ role in the strategy?
    • How will the HCPs react to the change?

    These and other issues will be in the focus of the free webinar on Thursday, March 15th, at 4 PM (CET). Join in for the discussion and learn about the ways the concept of multichannel reps can be implemented – and contribute to your organization’s success in digital communication!

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