7 tips to create an email that will impress the HCP

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Few things can surprise a doctor. Life sciences marketers and product managers, to say nothing of the reps, have scarce chances to perform this feat – but chances there are! Have you considered saying goodbye to email as a part of multichannel strategic vision?

That would be horribly wrong. It turns out that emails not only have the potential to be as sophisticated as to appeal and inform efficiently – but are actually succeeding! The trick is to know what emails HCPs will never mark as junk.

Pharma is, of course, not like other industries in that decision making is more responsible – so it’s time to sum up the cream of this year’s email marketers’ expertise – and see how it all works with healthcare professional audience.

This is what you will hear being discussed at the exclusive yet free webinar on Thursday, August 23rd, at 4:00 – 4:30 PM (CEST). The experts in the virtual room will address know-hows including:

  • What elements in today’s email are obligatory, what elements are a nice bonus, and what features could be superfluous;
  • Fortuitous findings, mistakes and best practices – and pharma multichannel experience with them;
  • How to make all of this work without overcomplicating things – and within campaign budget.

Join the discussion by using this link or the form below – and prepare to rethink the potential of this powerful tool (that you already have).

7 tips to create an email that will impress the HCP

23/8/20184:00pm CEST30 minutes

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