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    Face-to-face calls with med reps are much less effective than they used to be?
    No surprise, according to a study from CMI/Compas, almost half of the HCPs restrict visits from medical representatives in one way or another. But don’t worry, you can always try alternate routes.

    А study found that doctors do want to get information on brand-new drugs from face-to-face meetings with reps, with only 19% saying they prefer not to see reps in person, down from 25% in 2014.

    Physicians recognize eDetailing as a preferred channel and are willing to spend time on both face-to-face contact and remote detailing: virtual meetings, mailing, mobile apps and online visits.

    So which communication channels are more effective?
    Join our free webinar to discover:

    •  3 new communication routes you can benefit from this year.
    •  When to choose face-to-face and remote communication.
    •  Which specialists prefer face-to-face meetings.


    The webinar will be held on January 19th, 2017, 4.00 PM CEST.
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