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Pharma and life sciences companies are going through a period of change – and leading through this change is a necessity now. In response to the pandemic, companies worldwide are rethinking their digital infrastructure, prioritizing virtual engagement, and the omnichannel way of communication. However, the company’s budget spent on marketing should ensure the proper ROI (even against the external pressure) and confirm the value of the services and products, even in virtual environments.

Therefore, it is worth automating marketing processes as much as we can. It will guarantee that everything will be done based on a cohesive plan. Likewise, marketing automation software helps eliminate any pain points, such as strategy optimization (that must be done repeatedly), data gathering from various touchpoints, ROI calculating, and customer segmentation. Marketing automation allows pharma and life sciences to enter the omnichannel universe: design consistent cross-channel journeys and deliver the right content on time and to the right audience. In return – you earn customers’ loyalty to the brand with the help of multifunctional digital campaigns.

Before we go any further, let’s look at how marketers around the globe are relying on marketing automation technology:

According to the Marketing Automation Survey report, 75% of all companies are utilizing at least one kind of automation tool.

What are the key strategic goals of marketing automation software?

  • Solid customer engagement
  • Lead nurturing
  • Improved field force productivity
  • Increased sales revenue
  • Advanced marketing efficiency
  • Renewed campaign measurability

 80% of those who use marketing automation software saw an increase in the number of leads, while 77% saw conversion rising.  

Is marketing automation crucial for Life Sciences?

When the HCP visits a website and finds the needed content, he or she presumably wants to search for even more relevant data, be it information about a specific brand, any offers or, maybe, announcements of forthcoming webinars, etc.  And here is marketing automation serves. Owning lots of data about physicians, understanding their behavioral patterns, gathered from the myriad of digital channels pharma marketers or brand managers can then deliver tailored and relevant content to healthcare professionals exactly when and where they demand it. Marketing automation tools help take away all repetitive and manual tasks, allowing marketers to easily tweak future campaigns and adjust them per customers’ needs.

Although most companies have automation tools in place, 63% of marketers reported that they are going to increase their marketing automation budgets soon.

How to bridge HCPs’ needs with overall omnichannel excellence?

There are several of marketing automation systems, for example, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a worldwide marketing automation software (SFMC) and is a recognized leader in cloud computing. SFMC offers multiple applications and solutions within the platform to take marketing and sales to the next level. Email Studio, Content Builder, and Journey Builder help create unified messaging and attain goals set across teams.

It has been estimated that 62% of marketers say their teams are now more aligned with each other than ever, and, consequently, they started performing far better.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud in action

SFMC allows life sciences to create a lifelong customer experience: it collects interactions through multiple touchpoints and provides a 360-degree view of each HCP. Segmentation and targeting processes are streamlined automatically, while tailored and personalized messages are designed and sent to each customer across channels (emails, web advertising, social, mobile apps, and so on).

Here personalization goes far beyond simply inserting the doctor’s name, let’s say, in the invitation email. All messages, notifications and even adds are appeared on the screen just at the right time and are aligned with previously sent emails. Pharma marketers can interact with data management or segmentation in Sales Cloud – from where they can send triggered, personalized emails as well as create the new ones or update existing according to behavioral patterns.

Such an automation tool eases the managing process of every marketing task, to name a few examples:

  • Schedule and create email campaigns and manage leads
  • Estimate CTRs (click-through rates), channel performance, track conversion rate, and more
  • Run automatic A/B tests of email marketing campaigns
  • Use advanced web analytics

Integration that matters

Viseven company has integrated the eWizard platform with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This allows users to create or update email templates with automated publication to the Marketing Cloud.  eWizard owns a set of essential integrations, covering all the specific needs of pharma companies. When it comes to emails, this integrated solution allows brands to:

  • Repurpose approved master email templates for use in Veeva and Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Build email modules with mix and match functionality (header, images, footer, etc.)
  • Automatically publish email templates to Veeva Vault for approval and review
  • Export approved email templates to SFMC for distribution

Connection is key

Oracle Eloqua is another leading marketing automation software to simplify and boost the efficiency of campaign execution that ideally fits the pharmaceutical industry’s requirements. Pharma managers can track each step of HCP journeys, create targeted campaigns using the drag-and-drop interface, track and analyze the outcomes and monitor the bunch of tasks related to these campaigns from the user-friendly dashboard.

Pharma companies are using these and many other systems for marketing automation…

Which one wins the race when it comes to content management?

When it comes to creating the most efficient pharma content management Veeva takes the leader’s position. Veeva is the solution for the whole life sciences industry that constantly innovates the way companies deliver their products and services to market with both strict compliance and medical regulations. Pharma marketers can easily use already approved digital assets from Veeva Vault PromoMats and maintain compliance in the content lifecycle – from design to distribution and review.

How eWizard platform empowers omnichannel campaigns

eWizard is the only solution to serve as a connector between Veeva and other marketing automation systems. The platform offers more than just eDetailing, email, or landing pages editing or creation. Thanks to a powerful set of integrations (namely with Veeva Suite, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua, Adobe Experience Manager, and others) eWizard serves as a connector between pharma digital universe powered by Veeva and the omnichannel capacities provided by other systems.

According to statistics, 20% of digital agencies face challenges when it comes to choosing the right marketing automation tool. This same percentage of agencies consider this to be the number one issue for marketing automation.

Thanks to the integration with Veeva, while creating or modifying content in eWizard, you can pull all the necessary materials from Veeva Vault PromoMats, such as:

  • Approved images, media, or other files
  • Core claims
  • Entire content modules

Marketers can by themselves can modify and edit content, publish it to Veeva Vault as PDF files for review and approval. The whole process takes several minutes when your content is ready for distribution.

For an experienced pharma marketer automation tools are gaining momentum. But it might be hard not to get caught in the hype of automating everything, so automation for the sake of automation cannot be counted as the right solution. There needs to be a single ecosystem, in which integrations between various platforms that manage different types of interactions are established. When a life sciences company can handle marketing automation tools with digital channels, and data it will likely result in increased ROI and more powerful omnichannel communications.

Choosing eWizard platform you make an ideal step toward cohesive omnichannel experience, no matter in what phase you are in now. Drop a line to our skilled experts in content creation technologies and get the full assistance – from sound advice to step-by-step guidance on customer journey elaboration.