5 ways to boost med reps productivity and sales force efficiency to its maximum potential

How should med reps act in order to accomplish their tasks better? What criteria can determine their efficiency and success? Let’s look at the whole picture, not just tiny bits of how to make the best of sales force and med reps efficiency.

According to a survey, 76% of respondents said they are very or somewhat satisfied in their jobs. In fact, 47% of those medical sales employees also said they’re not looking for a new job. That’s almost a 50 % decrease from last year’s results.

The crucial role of pharma representative

By all odds, med reps’ influence is determined not only by the amount of hours spent in physician’s cabinet, but far more by the outcomes. With a view to clarifying their major role, it’s not about bothersome conversations, working intensification or pushing promotional materials. Despite the hours spent dialoguing, it’s all about their productivity, accuracy of data provided and closing the gap between pharma and HCPs.

For sales forces and med reps scenarios there are a lot of rejections and pitfalls on their daily basis and that’s definitely not the thing pharma should tolerate. How to make customers more receptive to your brand? Here’s how to improve sales force effectiveness. Let’s start acting strategically:

Make med reps feel enthusiastic about their job

… the level of tech equipment, in a way, shows how well your reps and sales forces are prepared to perform. However, bothering sales forces with all that technical stuff (which is not in their area of expertise, by the way) cuts down the space for creativity and enthusiasm. Think about some hacks you can apply for raising your sales force creativity. Giving sales the proper toolkit may not only make their performance easier but also help to manage much more in less time. A pharma company equipped with a good CRM system enables med reps to maintain stronger engagement with HCPs audience and free up their time from repetitive routine tasks. As a result they are able to interact remotely with physicians via stable VoIP and presentation interface from both desktop and mobile devices, at the time and place of their choosing. ​ eWizard platform is the only currently existing solution that allows both to manage presentations and show them remotely.

Reveal more space for professional growth

Salespeople are spending hours searching for information and recreating things. They are mobile and doing things in the car or a coffee shop. The resources should be available to them, and access to those resources can now be enabled with technology.”                         

  – Nicholas Lihou, Head of global sale enablement at Xerox.

… the whole list of fresh digital solutions such as interactive content, e-Learning platforms, web-conferences, online trainings are implacable not only for HCPs education, but should come for granted in med reps day-to-day routine as well. Almost all processes of their work require fresh insights and daily updates to make them gain deeper understanding of the materials. Doing surveys, self-examination questions or watching education videos at least a few times a week can improve and enrich knowledge of employees right away. Flexible e-Learning system should come as the necessity if you want your brand stand out.

Align your strategies and workforce  

Effective toolkits must support ever-changing analysis and reporting requirements and clearly define who needs to do what.

… the only things that matter permanently are data sources and systems that data is delivered through. The toolkit should be consisted of special techniques, which can help to capture any resources from any location at any time. Certain tools, like business intelligence (BI), dashboards and mobile access develop much better management practices and enable the effective alignment between business strategies and sales force activities in any region or special area. Tracking med reps’ efforts in chosen region (for example, by geographical criteria) might be done in a few clicks just opening the right sales data.

Each team, each department and each person in the company should clearly understand their responsibilities, tasks and the ways they are expected to perform them. Driving more alignment, agility and productivity into team conducts ongoing changes and meets pharma market’s conditions.

Find time for some motivation

… that same law of effectiveness works for pharma the same way as it works for all other industries: long tedious hours do not necessarily mean achieving desired outcomes in the very end. To be honest, it’s working in the opposite direction. It’s essential to find ways to inspire your team, whether by giving a certain level of autonomy, job promotion or just organizing a long hoped-for training session with someone of authority (kind of a portion of daily motivation). A good manager should know how to motivate people to show better results, turn worthless routine tasks into enjoyable processes. Very little chances med reps will be willing to work diligently if there’s lack of motivation. Using different indicators and performance monitoring might be quite beneficial and serve as a great motivational enabler; they show wider picture of sales force overall progress.

Empower med reps with high-quality content

Just imagine how much time med reps spend searching the right materials or preparing for the next visit. All that takes a lot of energy, time and efforts. Nevertheless, highly- structured data gathered on one device or interactive presentation is what they undoubtedly need. They will have even more chances to increase engagement with HCPs than ever before. Needless to say, how much curiosity and loyalty it drives for both.

Powerful content base helps med reps and sales forces to stay ahead of the sale and proactively influence their audiences. With all those implementations of abovementioned techniques, plus smart strategic plan and powerful digital toolkit no chances your sales forces will be out of the game.