How to create compliant emails to expand your engagement with healthcare professionals

rep triggered emails

Targeted and automated email campaigns remain one of the most reliable and trusted sources of marketing for HCP engagement for years; they are still the leading force among other means of digital communication in pharma marketing. In this article, we are going to dive deeper into the topic.

How essential is the role of email campaigns in omnichannel pharma marketing?

Omnichannel, in short, has raised a series of new opportunities, namely, how to create customer experience as one whole while making it smooth both online and offline. Is it an ultimate win? The answer is yes. However, is it a bit of a challenge at the same time? “Yes” remains. The omnichannel approach in the pharma industry is kind of art, meaning that customers need to be constantly updated through various means of communication concerning the company’s product, services or any news. No wonder that email is gaining its popularity, being a powerful tool in omnichannel pharma marketing.

HCP digital behavior: Top channels to communicate with physicians

66% of HCPs consider email to be their preferred channel of interaction went it comes to information related to product announcements. (according to HealthLink Dimensions’ 2017 Healthcare Provider Communication survey)

Pharma is marketing to HCPs through:

  • Emails- 81%
  • Medical News / Clinical publications – 80%
  • Direct mail – 51%
  • Online physician communities – 32%
  • eDetailing– 30%
  • Mobile apps – 29%
  • Online advertisements – 12%
  • Websites/Portals/Landing Pages – 12%
  • Social media – 10%

These days, approximately 37% of physicians are using social media  platforms to communicate with their patients, colleagues, or pharmaceutical representatives. While almost 57% of doctors see the value of this practice and plan to use it further.  

How to market a brand and educate your HCP audience at the same time: 

Top 5:

1.   By using targeted email campaigns 

Targeted campaigns help build email marketing that enables the marketer to send personalized campaigns. By increasing relevancy, such emails allow building lasting customer relationships (along with trust and value), maintain customer loyalty and increase brand advocacy. Sales reps can easily bridge the gap and extend reach with this up-to-date, compliant and personalized content.

2.   By creating quick communication with a target audience

A rep-triggered email is a good channel to announce medicine updates or reach HCPs who cannot be covered by face-to-face visits and drive website traffic.

3.   By increased impact 

A targeted email, as a channel, empowers marketing communication. Being combined with other channels such as remote visits, webinars, messengers, websites it ensures consistent brand performance and seamless customer experience​.

 4.   By quality measurements ​

Email channel could be easily tracked, so you can always check the reaction of your target audience and update content to fit customers’ demands. Marketing can measure email open rates, click-through rates, which links were clicked, unsubscribed numbers, etc. Email marketing metrics give a full picture of email campaign performance.

5.  By delivering only relevant content 

Pharma representatives can increase product awareness and educate physicians much more via email marketing messages. Rep-triggered emails help build lasting customer relationships.

Types of HCP email engagement: What are rep-triggered and broadcast emails?

To start with, lets determine the difference between approved (or rep-triggered) and automated (broadcast) emails: 

Rep-triggered (in some major systems like Veeva, Approved) emails are targeted and personal (only to 1 recipient). This type is used to send an invitation email, a follow-up upon the presentation demonstration or to perform other personalized activities. Approved content is always credible and lets companies interact with customers more efficiently. These emails extend face-to-face customer interactions with immediate and relevant follow-up content collected from a medical representative.

Broadcasts (automated) emails are messages to a broader HCP segment (for mass mailing). Automated emails provide cost-effective customer interaction to larger groups of customers.

Let’s look at these types more in-depth:

Broadcast email campaigns:

Broadcast email is a sort of communication sent to multiple recipients by marketing department.

  • This type has no personalization and is addressed to an entire HCP segment
  • Content for broadcast emails is medically and legally approved and contains all relevant information concerning a brand
  • Broadcast emails cover a big group of people delivering commercial or medical information
  • Content for broadcast email can be pre-defined and approved beforehand

Approved series of email campaigns:

Approved email is an email with pre-approved content and is part of regular interaction with a physician. There is only 1 recipient, so this is personal communication. ​Content for approved emails usually goes through medical approval the same way as all other content​.

Approved email can be used by medical representative as:

  • ​pre- or post-visit communication (invitation or follow up) ​
  • part of Patient Support Program​
  • scientific articles and professional information​
  • e-learning: invitation, information about courses

Approved emails allow sending approved content via email directly from CRM application​ building tailored communication to each physician and adding a personalized approach to product messages.

How to succeed? Approved email systems

How to support effective interactions with HCPs? Without doubt, by finding a powerful solution for email pharma marketing; the solution that will let you send approved content to extend your personalized interactions with physicians. And we’ve already got such a solution that delivers just that:

eWizard platform is a perfect tool for content omnichannel creation aligned with the main content principles in pharma. With eWizard at hand, marketers can create/update/localize content easily independently or with an agency. The platform is a multichannel content authoring solution that provides universal, flexible content that fits:

  • commercial and medical compliance workflow
  • MLR review and approval
  • one-click delivery to any target system
  • global-to-local re-use

The special Email Templates section in eWizard provides the functionality to create and edit professional email templates and use them for marketing activities via one of the supported mailing providers. eWizard Email Templates is an integrated solution for development, localization, and management of two kinds of emails: rep-triggered emails and automated customer emails.

Here’s a brief workflow of how to create an email template in eWizard 

Step 1 – Create an email

You are presented with two options: when you’re creating a rep-triggered email or fragment for the approved email, select a target system, typically Veeva Vault.  When you’re creating a broadcast email, select Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a target system.

Step 2 – Fill your email with content

Customize your email (or fragment) so that it will deliver the content you need to provide. You can open your email in the Edit mode and change accordingly.

Step 3 – Publish your email to the target system

Publish your email to Veeva Vault or Salesforce Marketing Cloud to finalize the circle.

Step 4 – Send your email for approval

You can send your email for review in eWizard. When your company utilizes Veeva Vault approval, publish it as PDF to Veeva Vault.

Step 5 – Publish your email

Once the approval is passed, place your email to the relevant target system where you can use it according to its purpose. Once your email is published to the target system, you can access it just following the link at the publication results page.

*(publish your Rep-triggered email as an Interactive email to Veeva Vault;publish your Broadcast email to Salesforce Marketing Cloud)

Email marketing is the channel that is continuing to perform and engage efficiently year after year, and here is why: email channel gives pharma marketers more chances to augment business growth and increase product awareness while leveraging creativity.

eWizard platform, therefore, is a must-have tool in pharma’s digital toolkit for approved emails seamless creation. eWizard templates will provide you with a limitless variety of ways to create new emails with a personalized message. To see the full picture of how it works, get a free tour of eWizard now.